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There are times in everyone’s life that we can use some extra support. Therapy is about finding a safe place to begin to face what is painful or scary so you can begin to consciously choose how you want to be in this world. A Better Self Counseling provides expert, culturally competent, mental health and emotional wellness services. 

A Better Self Counseling welcomes all individuals where each persons unique story and needs are honored and respected and treatment goals are tailored to shape your personal goals for growth and transformation.  

A Better Self Counseling offers treatment for concerns of depression and anxiety, trauma, life changes, behavioral concerns, relationship stressors, low self esteem and more. Contact us today to discuss your needs!


Individual Counseling

Therapy for individuals offering treatment for depression, anxiety, trauma, behavioral concerns, stage of life transitions, grief, and more.


Therapy for adolescents, aged 16 and up offers treatment for depression, anxiety, trauma, behavioral concerns, grief, and more.

Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling is offered by a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist to help strengthen connection, communication within couples.

Pre Marital Counseling

Premarital Counseling Packages using the Prepare and Enrich Assessment Tool are available to all engaged couples.


TeleHealth online therapy and counseling is now available through A Better Counseling in Billings, Montana.

Addiction Counseling

Addiction requires personalized treatment, and having the right counselor is important for effective therapy.